Rimfire VS Centerfire

There are two primer ignition systems in general use among modern bullets. They are centerfire and rimfire, and each of them has their own little niche in the shooting world. In essence, they work like this. A centerfire round is constructed so that the firing pin strikes the center of the cartridge which ignites the … Read more

First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane

In the simplest of terms, a first focal plane sight reticle, or an FFP reticle, scales with the target at any magnification you are using, while a second focal plane sight reticle stays at the same scale regardless of the magnification of the optics. Even in this simplified version, it may be difficult to imagine … Read more

How To Use a Rifle Scope

Every rifle’s accuracy depends on putting a bullet on target, and the most effective and efficient way to do that is by using a good rifle scope. Granted, every rifle will have built-in sights so that you can aim and shoot a rifle right out of the box. But adding a rifle scope gives you … Read more

How To Stipple Your Gun Like A Pro

Stippling is a craft technique that can be used to create better gun handing utility. The burning of small dots into a polymer frame, stippling of the grips, rail panels, fore ends, and magazines can be performed with an electric soldering iron. Stippling creates a raised texture on the surface of a handgun grip for improved shooting control. … Read more