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First Focal Plane vs Second Focal Plane

In the simplest of terms, a first focal plane sight reticle, or an FFP reticle, scales with the target at any magnification you are using, while a second focal plane sight reticle stays at the same scale regardless of the magnification of the optics. Even in this simplified version, it may be difficult to imagine … Read more

How To Use a Rifle Scope

Every rifle’s accuracy depends on putting a bullet on target, and the most effective and efficient way to do that is by using a good rifle scope. Granted, every rifle will have built-in sights so that you can aim and shoot a rifle right out of the box. But adding a rifle scope gives you … Read more

How To Stipple Your Gun Like A Pro

Stippling is a craft technique that can be used to create better gun handing utility. The burning of small dots into a polymer frame, stippling of the grips, rail panels, fore ends, and magazines can be performed with an electric soldering iron. Stippling creates a raised texture on the surface of a handgun grip for improved shooting control. … Read more