Scholarship Opportunity For USA Students

At Us Hunters Headquarters we believe in higher education and we are proud to support it by providing the American students with the chance to receive our annual scholarship.

We believe that the strongest power of them all lies within us, the power of imagination and creativity. It is because of this that the problems are solved on a daily basis and new inventions are patented every day.

We invite you to share your invention by participating in our scholarship contest. You can provide it in a form of essay, video or even a picture, whatever medium works for you to express your idea and how it can be used to solve a problem.

The contest is not limited to any particular field of study, we will review your submission equally whatever problem you are solving, it can range from Physics to Music. Your job is to amaze us with your creativity so read our rules below and start figuring out what is the best way for you to approach this.

Please review the eligibility requirement and application process below. Also, don’t forget to include:
  • Your full name,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number and,
  • Mailing address with your application submission

Our Scholarship program consists of simple rules listed below:

  • This annual scholarship is awarded to one student per year, based on a merit.
  • Scholarship Award is 500$ – US American Dollars
  • Deadline for your submission is May 15, 2017. Note that we will not consider any applications received after the May 15th.
  • A winner will be chosen on June 15th
In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be currently attending a college or university during the spring of 2017 academic year.
  • Must have GPA score 3.00 or better
  • Must apply to the contest via email and provide name, address, and the name of the institution they are attending.
  • Must provide an original work by the deadline of May 15, 2017.

The Invention:

Your original work can be submitted in any form of media of your choice but it must be in a file format which can be sent via email. So you can present your idea in a form of a written essay, video, animation or an image.

Please note that we will judge your medium choice, do not choose the easiest one but choose the one which is actually best to present your idea. If your idea is not clearly presented using one medium then feel free to attach additional files.

The main criteria we will use when choosing the winner is the practicality and applicability of your invention. Make sure that your idea is used to solve a real problem of your choice.


All submissions should be sent to:

If you have any questions regarding this scholarship feel free to contact us by sending an email to the address above.

The scholarship recipient will receive the scholarship award approximately 30 days after the winner is chosen. By participating, you are giving your consent for us to contact you via mail and/or email. In addition, if you are the winner, you are giving us your express consent to use your name, your college/university name and your work on this site and for any other promotional purposes, without further compensation or payment to you. The scholarship recipient is responsible for payment of any applicable State or/and Federal income taxes due to the receipt of the scholarship.

In addition, holds the right not to publish the winning work if we chose so, we hold the right to extend the deadline for essay submission and to change any of the rules of the scholarship without first contacting you. If any changes occur they will be noted on this page. Make sure you check it regularly in case if there are some updates.